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Tamper Proof Gaming

All gameplay happens off-chain using a secure implementation of mental poker.

Security of Player Funds

Players do not deposit money into a centralized Virtue Poker system. Instead, players fund their personal digital wallets and enter games with these funds.

Instant Payouts

All payouts happen in less than 60 seconds and are automatically sent back to a player’s digital wallet when they leave a table.


Short-Term Escrow via Smart Contracts

On Virtue Poker, players never have to deposit money onto our site. Funds are either stored in a user-generated wallet or locked in a smart contract which escrow funds for each poker game a player chooses to play in. Currently in the Virtue Poker alpha, a new smart contract is deployed for each table instance.

P2P Card Shuffling

On Virtue Poker, all players are included in shuffling the deck for each hand played on the platform. The P2P card shuffling process currently takes between 3-5 seconds in our alpha version. As our team continues to optimize the application, pre-shuffled decks, optimized latency in communications between players, and the elimination of time intensive mathematical calculations will eliminate this initial delay before each hand begins.

Matchmaking via our Lobby

Currently, in our alpha, players don’t select the specific table they are looking to join. Instead, players specify game criterion, and are “matched” with other players. Once the requisite number of players are matched a table is created and players enter the table. This system we believe will optimize our app as we continue to scale, ensuring we have a maximum numbers of tables available for players to play. In addition, it will hinder the efficacy of third-party “bum hunting” software as well as low level collusion.


In-Game Currency

VPP can be used as in-game currency. Players can choose to participate in games denominated in VPP, to grow their relative proportion of VPP in relation to other players.

Become a Justice Node and Earn Fees

The Justice System is the mechanism that ensures results are properly reported, players are treated equally and disputes are adjudicated properly. The Justice Pool is composed of a limited number of users that are active on the Virtue Poker network. To become a Justice, users must (a) acquire VPP, (b) stake tokens in the Justice Registry and (c) must have their computer on, and the Virtue Poker application open and set to active in order to be assigned to tables. A group of Justices is chosen randomly from the Justice Pool, which is composed of active players on the Virtue Poker network. Justices have three roles: (1) confirming hand results, (2) reporting hand histories for permanent storage and (3) storing decryption keys for missing players (see the Virtue Poker White Paper for details). The actual work of Justices is done programmatically without the player’s intervention. Justices receive compensation for their special role in the game.


During the Alpha phase, VPP will be required to access and play on the Virtue Poker platform. Starting in Beta and at all times thereafter, Virtue Poker will be open even to non-VPP holders but will conduct a wide variety of special tournaments and games that can only be accessed with VPP. These tournaments will include, but are not limited to, guaranteed tournaments, celebrity and promotional events, freerolls and special satellite events.

Token Sale

Sale Date 
April 25, 2018
Sale Time 
10 am EDT
Sale Duration 
14 days or if ETH Hard Cap is reached first
Token Distribution 
48 hours after token sale closes, non-transferable until mainnet launch
Expected Network Launch 
Anticipated to be November 2018
Earliest Tokens Could Be Transferred 
Sale Eligibility: 

Proof of Use

Before you can transfer any VPP Tokens, you will be required to use a portion of them at least once. ‘Use’ is defined as doing one of the following: Play Poker: Play in at least one poker game on Virtue Poker. In order to play, you will be required to send VPP Tokens to a ‘table’ smart contract address. Instructions on how to enter a poker game will be provided by Virtue Poker upon the launch on Main Net. Token Holder will be required to send VPP Tokens to a table contract address and play in one poker game during our Alpha. Become a Justice: Token Holder will be required to send the amount of VPP Tokens required to launch one Justice Node (200,000 to 400,000 VPP) to the staking contract dedicated to becoming a Justice on Virtue Poker. The staking contract address will be provided by Virtue Poker upon the launch on Main Net.

Token Price

VPP Token Ratio Calculation = 100,000,000 VPP/Total amount of ETH raised VPP Ratio Range = 4,000 - 8,000 VPP per ETH (depending on ETH raised) We will sell 100 million VPP tokens regardless of amount of ETH raised (as long as minimum sale threshold of 12,500 ETH is reached). The final ratio per token will be determined at the end of the sale by dividing the 100 million VPP by the total amount of ETH raised in the sale. The number of tokens you receive will be the amount of ETH you sent multiplied by the final token ratio. For example, if you purchase 10 ETH worth of VPP and the token sale sells out (25,000 ETH raised), the token ratio will be: (100 million VPP/25,000 ETH) = 4,000 VPP per ETH; and you receive (4,000 VPP x 10 ETH) = 40,000 VPP tokens.

Token Issuance

Total supply is 500 million VPP. 100 million VPP (20%) will be sold in this current early adopter phase of the sale launching April 25th. An additional 100mm VPP (20%) will be sold this fall prior to the main net launch of Virtue Poker. Resulting in a total of 200mm VPP (40% of the total VPP supply) being sold over the two sale phases. The rest of the token supply is as follows: 20% to Reserve; 17.2% to the Team; 18.8% to Strategic Partners; and 4% to Advisors. Full token supply breakdown can be found in our Token Sale Guide located in our data room.

Hard & Soft Cap

The hard cap for the Virtue Poker token sale will be 25,000 ETH and the soft cap (minimum sale threshold) is 12,500 ETH. If 12,500 ETH is not raised during the 14 day sale period, the sale will be cancelled and everyone will be refunded within 48 hours.

Bonus Disclosure

There has not been nor will there be a pre-sale. Additionally, there has not been nor will be any bonuses issued in this token sale.

Circulating Supply

Upon mainnet deployment of Virtue Poker in November, roughly 341.5 million VPP tokens (68.3% of the total VPP supply) will be freely transferable (assuming all token purchasers ‘prove use’ of their VPP tokens). The remaining ~32% will become transferable periodically over the next 4 years. Full circulating supply details can be found in our Token Sale Guide located in our data room.

Token Functionality Timeline

April 25th - May 16th 2018

No functionality

May 16th 2018

(Testnet Deployment): Test VPP tokens can be used to wager in single table cash games on Virtue Poker

August 15th 2018

Test VPP can be staked by token holders to become Justices for Virtue Poker games on testnet

November 2018

(Mainnet Deployment): Full functionality of VPP on mainnet should be reached; VPP tokens will become usable and transferrable upon mainnet deployment (VPP tokens are non-transferrable before mainnet deployment)


NOTE: The key dates shown are just an estimate, and there is a reasonable chance that some or all of these milestones are delayed.
April 25th 2018
Early User Sale
The Virtue Poker team will conduct a limited “Early User” sale of VPP tokens, which will provide buyers with exclusive first access to the platform and an opportunity to help shape the platform.
May 16th 2018
Early User Launch
Virtue Poker will launch an alpha version of its platform only for token holders, who will also help shape and improve the system. Users will not wager anything of value, but will be eligible for prizes for participating.
September 2018
Pre-Launch Event
Virtue Poker will organize a pre-launch event composed of well-known online and live professionals and live stream the event.
October 2018
Open Beta
Once Virtue Poker obtains a gaming license, it will launch an open beta to users around the world who can create and play in single table Sit & Go tournaments, spin-and go, and cash games. Wagers in VPP and ETH. VPP holders will have access to exclusive tournaments and events.
November 2018
Multi-Table Tournament Functionality
Virtue Poker will add multi-table tournament functionality using a plasma implementation.
December 2018 to March 2019
Mainnet Public Launch Tournament Series
Virtue Poker will publicly launch a series of large freeroll and guaranteed tournaments, enabling users around the world to play on our platform.


Ryan Gittleson
Ryan is an experienced business development and marketing professional with a background in helping businesses and products increase sales. Before working on Virtue Poker, Ryan was Head of Customer Acquisition for TodayTix, a Broadway ticketing mobile application, where he oversaw its user-base growth from 150,000 users to over 700,000. He discovered Ethereum in August 2015, and instantly became captivated by the global potential of blockchain technology. He has worked with ConsenSys on Virtue Poker for the past two years. Ryan holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
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Jim Berry
Co-Founder, Lead Developer
For the past 30 years, Jim has worked on software ranging from the Hubble Space Telescope ground system, to the Framingham Heart Study’s Research Data Application, to Linux drivers for an aerial image acquisition system to installing appropriate-technology email systems for developing nations in the South Pacific. Most of his career, however, has been spent working on computer games for companies like MicroProse, Looking Glass Technologies and Electronic Arts - among others - specializing in physical simulation and graphics.
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Dan Goldman
Chief Marketing Officer
Dan has more than 20 years of experience in marketing companies online. He was responsible for the rise of the world’s largest online poker company, PokerStars, taking the company from a startup to over 100 million players. Before PokerStars, Dan headed marketing for one of the largest online shopping comparison sites, leading to its acquisition by Experian. He was part of the team that commercialized object-oriented programming, leading Digitalk from a startup to a leadership position with its Smalltalk/V programming language. Dan also oversaw the development and launch of a casino-based online gaming site for one of the United States’ largest casinos.
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Javier Franco Algarrada
Development Team Lead
Javier is a senior software engineer with 10+ years of experience. He enjoys working on full stack applications involving multiple technologies and to be an active part in the full software development life cycle of the product. After leading other technicals projects, he has stepped up to lead the development of Virtue Poker.He has been working for more than 7 years in gambling across different products like lottery, virtual sports, casino games and sportsbook. Always interested in cutting-edge technologies, he decided to move into blockchain projects last year. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science and a master’s degree in web engineering.
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Jose Luis Diaz
Head of Product
Jose has an entrepreneurial and innovative senior background with more than eighteen years of experience in the Gambling industry as CTO, Product Development Director, Software Developer and IT Manager. With an MBA and a high university degree in Computer Science he joined Virtue Poker as Head of Product, attracted by the innovative technology Virtue Poker uses. Jose’s background includes track record of successful deliverance of high profile projects, defining new development strategies in new platforms, leading strong teams and managing relationships with key clients.
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Colum Higgins
Senior Product Manager
Colum Higgins obtained a PhD in physics from CERN in the early 90's. He spent the next 10 years in technical roles in supercomputing, as an Enterprise middleware consultant and finally as a tech startup founder and CTO for 3 and a half years. In 2003 Colum completed an MBA and moved to China where he created a 3G demonstration system for Ericsson and worked on eGovrnment projects for regional governments and the European Union. In 2007 Colum joined Full Tilt Poker as a program manager and business analyst. At Full Tilt Poker Colum drove the requirements for flagship features including a game client rewrite, regulation in France, beginner's tables and tournament tickets.
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Daniel Ortega
Back-End Developer
Daniel has been a software engineer for the last 12 years, having learned from and worked on a set of heterogeneous sectors, from the civil works world to the airlines niche, passing through the gambling domain. Daniel is always trying to push himself out of his comfort zone, and has constantly tried to work with the latest technologies across his career.
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Catalin Dragu
Graphic Designer and Game UI
Catalin has been a digital designer since 2010. Now he’s working together with ConsenSys, creating fresh and engaging DApps. He believes that good design gives you a good spirit. And does his best trying to create a beautiful experience for the users so that they can enjoy it like a walk in the park.
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Alvaro Rodriguez Villalba
Front-End Developer
Alvaro is a full stack Javascript developer and Android developer. He co-founded a startup called Kultur where he was the web and Android developer, working for more than two years developing a web application for the simulation of satellite communication links, and created several JS-based platforms as a freelance developer. Alvaro is a 2017 graduate of the ConsenSys Academy program.
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Raul Guiu
Platform Developer
I am a programming globetrotter, for the last 20 years I have been writing software in cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Helsinki. I worked building products such as a data analytic platform for a social gaming company, high-volume transactional systems such as VISA's clearing and settlement platform and Amazon's checkout. I also have over 8 years experience working for gambling companies including Betfair, BetVictor and Odobo.
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Joseph Lubin
Ethereum Co-Founder, Founder of ConsenSys
Damian Sokol
Former CEO of PokerStrategy (acquired by Playtech)
Andrew Miller
Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, Advisor to Z-Cash
Robert Davidman
Senior Marketing Executive


Dan Colman
Phil Ivey
Brian Rast